UC RightTrackᵀᴹ Offer

JumpStart Your UC Systems

The UC RightTrack™ is perfect for rescuing a floundering Skype for Business (SfB) deployment, preparing for a new SfB implementation, readying for a SfB voice transformation or a move from SfB on-prem to SfB cloud, or just simply tuning and optimizing an existing SfB deployment.

Mix and match some combination of the following modules to build your perfect RightTrack:

  • Strategy & Design

    Discuss challenges and priorities, determine best course of action & create a multi-phase plan for success.

  • Implementation & Deployment

    Address end state architecture (including voice, video and network integration) and implementation best practices.

  • User Experience/Adoption

    Assess current user experience and adoption progress (including headset and phone usage and options) with SfB.

  • Cloud

    Analyze options, timing, architecture and logistics for migrations to hybrid and full cloud SfB platforms.

  •  Troubleshooting, Analytics & Operations

    Explore operational best practices and establish success metrics for a healthy SfB environment. [NOTE: This module is only available if the customer also adds a PowerSuite trial (see Offer Details below).

    Offer Details:

    • The RightTrack™ program carries a $20K value and Unify Square is providing it for only $10K (by crediting back $10K) if a customer follows up the RightTrack session with a PowerSuite subscription within 6 months. 
    • Customers may choose to augment their UC RightTrack session if they agree to a parallel PowerSuite Trial. The PowerSuite Trial is FREE, but adding the Trial will extend the total duration of the RightTrack. 
    • A successful RightTrack will require 1-3 days of ‘on-site’ customer participation and interactions across multiple IT departments and staffing levels.