UC Network Assessment

Concerned about the health of your Wi-Fi Network?

The Unify Square UC Network Assessment service helps you evaluate, troubleshoot and prepare your Wi-FI network for outstanding Skype for Business performance - cloud, on-prem or hybrid – before or after your migration to Skype for Business.

Unify Square has developed a custom application to simulate Skype for Business traffic allowing for accurate measurements with or without an existing deployment of Skype for Business.
  • The assessment results will highlight the following:

    • Signal strength: Measuring how efficiently the Wi-Fi network is reaching the survey location

    • Same channel overlap: Measuring overlapping channels to optimize access point placement

    • NMOS degradation: Measuring MOS score impact from the network

    • Connected access point: Highlighting the effectiveness of access point placement and configuration

    Offer Details:

    • The UC Network Assessment includes the onsite survey, survey analysis, written report and a report presentation conference call

    • This offer is limited to a single site with a maximum of 100 survey locations.

    • The UC Network Assessment typically carries a $15K value and Unify Square is providing it for only $5K (by crediting back $10K) if a customer follows up the session with a contracted PowerSuite subscription within 6 months.